The Derpy Cats Collection

The Derpy Cats Collection - Collab Pack - 512 Packs Total

Each Pack includes 5 Sketch NFTs & 5 Illustration NFTs

Remaining Packs - 80% Off

Launch / Blend Map

Can cats do maths? Maybe yes, maybe no. But even if they could, they wouldn't tell us for sure. Toxic is now a proud member of the

Square Rooted squad!!


Packs Are Hybrid - Sketch & Illustration NFT Mints 1, 3-10 are won via giveaway. Get one entry per Collab Pack you open before on WAX Whales LIVE @ 6/11/21 7PM PDT.

The Derpy Cats Collab Pack - 10 NFTs Per Pack 

The Derpy Cats Collab Blend Pack - 20 NFTs Per Pack

Pack NFTs

The Derpy Cats Sketch NFTs (6 Unique)

The Derpy Cats Illustration NFTs (6 Unique)


The Derpy Cats Sketch Animation (1 Unique)

Get By Blending All 6 Sketches

The Derpy Cats Illustration Animation (1 Unique)

Get By Blending All 6 Illustrations

Time Lapse

The Derpy Cats Time Lapse (1 Unique)

Get By Blending Sketch & Illustration Animations

Rough Sketch Animation

The Derpy Cats Rough Sketch Animation (1 Unique)

Given to Derpy Cats Collab Card Holders as of 6/4 @ 8PM PDT in Mint Order

VIP Pack Pass

Drop on 6/5 @ 8AM PDT - Available To The Derpy Cats Collab Card & Diamond Fins Holders as of 6/4 @ 8PM PDT

The Derpy Cats Collab Card​

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