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PuftCreative Sketch Pack

256 Packs Total - 10 Sketch NFTs Per Pack

PuftCreative Illustration Pack

256 Packs Total - 10 NFTs Per Pack

PuftCreative Sketch NFTs (6 Unique)

Get From Sketch Packs

PuftCreative Illustration NFTs (6 Unique)

Get From Illustration Packs

PuftCreative Sketch Animation (1 Unique)

Get From Blending All 6 Sketches

PuftCreative Illustration Animation (1 Unique)

Get From Blending All 6 Illustrations

PuftCreative Time Lapse (1 Unique)

Get From Blending Sketch & Animation Illustrations

PuftCreative Rough Sketch Animation (1 Unique)

Airdropped 5/22 to Collab Card Holders as of 5/21 @ 8PM PDT

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PuftCreative here! I'm just a simple bubble who wants to make everyone cool stuff. Hope you enjoy my glitched RGBubble! Follow me on Twitter for updates!

Creator Collab NFT

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