Diamond Fins NFT Benefits


Owning a Diamond Fins when the VIP Pack Pass Snapshot Occurs (8PM during WAX Whales LIVE before Launch) entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Claim 8 VIP Pack Passes for Base 2 NFT Collab Launch

    • Gives you earliest opportunity to getting Animation Collab Packs on launch day.

    • The first to be able to get Mint 1s and Low Mints when Blending Animations and Time Lapse!

    • Please note the VIP Pack Passes ONLY work for that Collaborator's week and have no purpose (aside from collecting if you choose not to use it) past that first 30 minutes of launch!

  • A Free Diamond Fins Collab Pack

  • A Free Checklist

  • A Free Diamond Fins Rough Sketch Animation

  • One more surprise...

Also, if you have Diamond Fins, you are verified as a "WAX Whale" in the WAX Whales Discord, and given a special role!